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Idea Board for Olive Green Italian Gamurra

Posted on Apr 4, 2018 by in Gamurra, Idea Board, Italian | 0 comments

While culling my fabric stash for a local SCA event called Fabric Wars that is happening later this summer, I found two pieces of fabric that complimented each other well.  Even with both of these small pieces I don’t have enough for a complete dress and will have to get a third fabric that goes with these two remnants.

One piece is a lovely 3yd or so piece of 40in wide olive green velvet of some unknown fiber.

The second is a 2yd piece of 40in wide olive green/gold horizontally striped fabric of unknown but almost certainly man-made fiber (neither really captures the colors well in photos, so they’ve been matched a bit to what they look like visually).


After my mauve gamurra, I was very happy with the velvet bodice and silk skirt and am thinking of doing something similar but with a forepart with vertical stripes of the second fabric and then a silk taffeta for the rest of the skirt.  I found this color that I really like and the swatch looks excellent with the other two fabrics.


I want a slightly different bodice than before though.  I am thinking much more square in the front and back and lower cut in the back than the mauve gamurra I recently finished; however, still side-laced.  I found yet another image from The Borgias with an inspiration for the bodice and sleeves.  I have enough of the crushed velvet to do a bodice and sleeves and enough of the striped fabric to do a forepart with the stripes running vertically with enough left over for the detail on the upper sleeve as seen in the inspiration photo.


A rough sketch of what I plan to do is below.  I am going to use the velvet for the square necked bodice and lower sleeves.  The forepart is going to be the striped fabric and I am going to use the thinner strips for the top of the sleeve.  The rest of the skirt is going to be the silk taffeta and the skirt is going to be pleated, not gathered.


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