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About Me

I am a 30-something full time IT professional who is also pursuing a Master’s degree in IT.  My happy place is making and wearing historically inspired garb and playing in the Society for Creative Anachronism.  Due to the many constraints on my time as a full time worker and half time graduate student, I have relatively little time to spend on my hobby.  However, I want to chronicle and share my projects.  Hence the GarbFor.Me blog.  I hope I can inspire others with some of the work I do.  I know how dismal my first attempts were compared to what I am sewing now.  However, I still see room for improvements and I keep setting my eyes on more complicated projects.  I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I do.

I am a plus sized girl and often have to make my own patterns or heavily modify patterns I have purchased to fit me.  This rather tedious step will also be included in this blog because I know I am not the only one in the big girl boat.

You will often see photos of my projects on an alarmingly lime green background.  This is my dining room table/work place and where the magic happens, despite the limey-ness of the table.

As a final note, I am a spaz and have like a dozen different projects going on at once, ranging in completeness from: “I have an idea and fabric” to “I have everything done except this one final detail”.  Please bear with me if my blog skips around a bit.