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Audrey D’Capitina

Posted on Aug 17, 2018 by in Patterning, Potpourri | 0 comments

I am what certain comedians refer to as fluffy.  Trying to find a dress form has been a struggle.  For x-mas 2017 I begged my mom to make me a custom dress form using this generator.  After months of trail and tribulation, she finished it a couple weeks ago.  For anyone looking at using this generator, it did not include seam allowances even though we asked for them!  Also, we made a mock up and my mother made minor adjustments to the back for the “dowager hump” before making the final form.  Audrey turned out to be amazing and was worth the wait!  This should make my life a lot easier as I have several projects that have been back burnered until I had a dress form so I could either adjust a pattern mock up for my dimensions or drape a garment to get the right lines.  Please meet Audrey D’Capitina.

Audrey and my amazing mother!


Audrey, my amazing mother, and me!


Audrey in her not in use hang out spot in the home office.

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