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Mauve Gamurra and Camica

Posted on Aug 17, 2018 by in Camica, Completed Work, Gamurra, Italian | 0 comments

So this outfit is MOSTLY done.  I have sleeve tie on rings to stitch in on the dress and on the camica I need to figured out cuffs and do a little more work on the neckline to keep it from curling as bad as it is but it is MOSTLY done.  I wore the whole kit and kaboodle out for the first time yesterday.  I wore the dress without the sleeves over the camica pinned in the back of the neckline at war but it was not as complete as it is now.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  This project really stretched and grew my skills.  I still need to post the smocking tutorial once my wife has time to finish the video editing and then this project will be totally behind me.  Now some glorious completed photos. 

This is the camica on Audrey.  You can see the glorious lace inset seams in this photo and can’t see an ounce of when the dress is on.  The front smocking lays flatter after some helpful hints from Greta the former Baroness of Twin Moons.  I still have to apply those hints to the back and shoulders as those still curl quite a bit.  I highly regret this was not made of fine linen but a poly material instead.  But it was what I could afford 2 years ago when I started the camica.  I will have to make one more lace inset, smocked camica out of linen next time.

A full length photo, and I completely forgot to iron it and it had some wrinkles from being in the garb box for Highlands.  The front smocking lays so nice thanks to those hints from Greta that I will include in my smocking part two tutorial.

A nice close up of the bodice and sleeves.  I am so happy with how everything came out.  I still need to do the cuffs on the camica as they are just folded and safety pinned right now, same with the sleeve tie on points on the bodice.  But its more complete than ever before and I really wanted to wear it.

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