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Idea Board for Houppelande

Posted on Sep 25, 2017 by in Generic European, Houppelande, Idea Board | 0 comments

I bought a piece of rich purple with black print faux suede at Fabric Wars in 2017.  I had a large amount of this fabric and wanted to make something new.  I looked at several options on Google Image Search and determined I had enough fabric for a Houppelande.  I found several that served as initial inspiration.

This first was this purple Houppelande:

The second was this red Houppelande that I could only find unattributed on pinterest:

The third was this green Houppelande:

I also found an inspiration for headgear to go with.  The inspiration was this heart shaped headdress called an escoffin:

Or this headdress that I found unattributed on pintrest.

I found this site with directions for making a houppelande and am going to try it.  The main pattern is made of 4 quarter circles:

I think I am leaning towards the high neckline from the green Houppelande example with the “angel wing” sleeves.  I am thinking pale pinky-lavender or bluey-lavender on the collar and lining on the sleeves.  To that end, I have ordered some swatches.  Honor doctored up the green Houppelande in photoshop to give me an idea what I would be looking at.

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