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Idea Board for Italian Reta

Posted on Mar 17, 2018 by in Idea Board, Italian, Reta | 0 comments

The main portion of my Italian Gamurra in mauve that was inspired by one of the dresses in the show The Borgias is done.  I still need to finish the tie on sleeves but I was able to wear the dress at Estrella War last month.  The dress feels incomplete.  I know that I was missing sleeves but there is more to it.  I finally am producing garments I am not ashamed of and I feel I need to polish the look.  With that in mind I have started looking at what to put on my head when wearing this dress.  I think I am going to try my hand at making a Reta.

So far there are two styles I am seeing.  The smaller wedge and then the large hanging look.

Birth of Mary by Domenico Ghirlandaio

Portrait of an Unknown Woman by Giovanni Ambrogio de Predis

Portrait of a Lady also by Giovanni Ambrogio de Predis

I found a couple of great tutorials on this process at Dawn’s Dress Diary and one of finalists for IRCC5 Jeanne Clifton.

There finished products look like:



I am thinking of using the dark brown velvet ribbon the dress this will go with and bronze metallic thread.  I think bronze will look better than gold with the mauve and browns of the dress.  I might add brown/bronze pearls as well.

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