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Mauve Italian Gamurra Skirt Trim

Posted on Feb 14, 2018 by in Construction, Gamurra, Italian | 0 comments

The trim for this skirt is not all bunched up next to each other but is laid out with gaps between the various rows.  This means I needed to be very precise with my trim to keep my lines appearing straight and evenly spaced.  I had a large amount of help with this.  My wife, with her artist’s eye and touch, helped lay my guidelines.

The center trim went on grid lines drawn two inches from center on both sides down the middle of the fabric and then highline marked for the horizontal.

The first layer of brown trim went down easily on that line, even with the spangles on the center trim.

After this, things got crazy and had to be precise or it would look weird.  I wanted a gap as big as the thick brown trim.  Laying my fabric out of the kitchen floor, we used a tape measure and level/straight edge to chalk guidelines at 3/4 inch.

Next I very carefully pinned and sewed down the light tan trim on this guideline.

The next layer of trim would also be at 3/4 inch from the tan trim.  Again, spread out on the floor with tailor’s chalk and a tape measure and level, we chalked out the next line.

Again, carefully pinning my trim down and stitching on this chalk line completed the third stripe of trim.  

As my wife and I had long suspected would be the case, it looked a little incomplete.  Another row of thick brown trim below the beaded and spangled trim seemed to even that out.  This row was quite a bit easier since it just lined up with the spangles on the center trim.  Once that was on, the skirt trim was completed.  I will still have to French seam the back seam and then gather it to the skirt and hem it to length, but the exacting trim part was done.

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